Wolf & Associates Realty was founded for the purpose of meeting the needs of home buyers in the residential real estate market. Our firm is comprised of real estate professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality service to home buyers.

We believe that in all real estate transactions, the buyer deserves full representation equal or superior to that traditionally furnished to the seller.

We believe that buyer representation cannot be compromised for the benefit of the seller, or for the real estate agent.

We believe that exclusive buyer agency is the only fair, honest, equitable, honorable and proper method of delivering home-buying service.

We believe that non-exclusive buyer agency is an ineffective method of representation that does not benefit the buyer, and inherently provides the wrong incentive for the real estate agent.

We believe that dual agency is a tainted concept, is wrong, useless, misleading and self-serving to those who practice it, and provides no benefit to the buyer.

We believe the legal responsibilities that we accept from a pure agency relationship are absolute and cannot be modified by changing circumstances or outside influence. These responsibilities include:

Accountability for all funds and documents held in trust on behalf of our clients.

Care and skill in performing our duties and in fulfilling our client commitments.

Obedience to all lawful instructions from our clients.

Loyalty to our clients above all other interests, including our own, while holding

Confidential all information and matters relating to our clients.

Disclosure to all parties, regarding our agency relationship with our clients.

Disclosure to our clients, of all known relevant and material facts relating to the transaction.

We believe that consumers are capable of understanding agency relationships when given factual information in an unbiased manner.

We believe that a fee-for-service consulting approach to home-buying is superior to the commission-based sales approach.

We believe consumers should have control of their destiny when buying a home. Our clients should have access to all relevant information, be provided professional assistance and consulting, and should be allowed to make intelligent decisions based upon available options.

We pledge to deliver the same high-quality, comprehensive service to each client for every real estate transaction, regardless of the purchase price or fee.

We promise to be honest and forthright in all our real estate transactions, to abide by federal and state laws, and to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors and affiliated state and local boards.

We are committed to utilizing the real estate laws of the State of Ohio for the maximum benefit of our clients.

We are dedicated to the interests and goals of our clients, to the exclusion of all other interests. Our motivation is driven toward SAVINGS of time, effort, and money for our clients.